Building support for the New Princess Alexandra Hospital

The New Princess Alexandra Hospital

Engaging patients, public and staff in a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new hospital that will transform healthcare for the people of Harlow and beyond

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The New Princess Alexandra Hospital will be a world-class facility for Harlow, delivering first-rate care for patients and providing the best place to work for its people. It will be a hospital for the future; one that will care for many generations to come.

Funded through the Government’s New Hospital Programme, this multi-million pound new building will transform healthcare outcomes for the local population.

Any new hospital build programme is a major undertaking. Hospitals play an important and vital role in communities and their design and operation is highly complex. Stakeholder buy-in at every stage of a hospital’s development is essential.

We are currently leading the communications and engagement strategy for The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust new hospital to achieve that stakeholder buy-in.

Working closely with health sector partners, local authorities and others our role is to increase public awareness and support for plans for the new hospital, as well as offer ongoing opportunities for staff, patients and stakeholders to have their say.

Helping the Trust win hearts and minds along an incredibly exciting journey to bring their new hospital to life.



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