Theatre that moves

Giving voice to brave and extraordinary physical theatre.

Highly Sprung Performance Company

Highly Sprung uses movement to tell stories when words won’t do. But even their own words were letting them down and not articulating their true vision, purpose and value.

We have been working with Coventry-based Highly Sprung Performance Company for over four years to raise their profile and promote their annual programme of original physical theatre for children and young people.

Most recently, we guided them through the development of their dynamic new website, in partnership with Step3. Conceiving and scoping the site, and rewriting all content to match the fresh and vibrant new look and feel. The new website marks a significant step forward for the company.

Through workshops and interviews with staff and trustees we developed Highly Sprung’s brand narrative and company values, and from this captured their new strapline ‘theatre that moves‘. This renewed focus on who they are and why they exist has fuelled a positive step-change in their marketing and fundraising activities.

Previously we supported the marketing of Fall Out – a high energy performance piece for 11-19 year olds, set in a nightclub and tackling teenage and youth suicide. And Tree/One Giant Leap – a project for 4-10 year olds exploring genetics and DNA, in particular exploring the cause and symptoms of Huntington’s Disease.

Tackling difficult subject matter and translating that into accessible theatre for children and young people defines Highly Sprung. Their work is incredibly powerful stuff and deserves the broadest recognition. They work with 10,000 children every year.

As the company grows, we look forward to our relationship with them doing the same.


revitalised brand proposition, new strapline and company narrative
brand new website and all new web-optimised content
increased social media engagement
marketing strategy development
public relations
ongoing strategic consultancy

“Since working with her, we’ve found Jill’s input into our company to be invaluable. We needed a fresh eye on our marketing communications, and Jill’s background in arts marketing together with her passion for theatre, made her the obvious choice.

“We are really feeling the impact of Jill’s advice and thinking across the company’s operations. We are making more of the marketing channels available to us and have a few exciting PR opportunities in the pipeline.”

Sarah Worth, Co-Director